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Dr. ZU Liangrong from International Labour Organization visited PAS
On March 15th 2018, Dr. ZU Liangrong, senior program officer of International Labour Organization (ILO) training centre, visited the School of Public Affairs (PAS).

CHU Jianxun, deputy dean of PAS; CHEN Xiaoling, deputy secretary of PAS; postdoctor ZHAO Shuliang; WANG Xiaoyan, director assistant of School of Humanities and Social Science teaching centre and student delegates of Liberal Arts Talent Class of USTC attended the meeting. Dr. ZU and the students of Liberal Arts Talent Class exchanged ideas of summer internship to ILO during the meeting.

Dr. ZU gave an overview classification of United Nations Organization (UNO) and the characteristics of ILO. Then he gave a detailed introduction of the ILO training centre and the summer internship programs. He hopes that students of the Liberal Arts Talent Class can learn more about the United Nations (UN) system and some specific knowledge of other organizations. As result, students can broaden their global view and make fundamental ideas about working in international organizations in the future.

During the meeting, Dr. ZU and the students discussed about the summer internship training contents, training schedule, training methods, etc. Deputy dean CHU Jianxun said that Dr. ZUs visit is a precious opportunity in promoting the Liberal Arts Talent Class. He hopes that in utilizing this opportunity, cooperation approaches and ideas can be innovated, communication can be deepened, and talent training quality can be improved.

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