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Two of PAS students participated in the Anhui First Foreign Students' Chinese Culture Competition
The First Foreign Students Chinese Culture Competition was held in Anhui University on November 4th and 5th, 2017. Participant students came from 9 different universities from Anhui province.

There are two teams form USTC attended the competition, each team consisted from five foreign students and one Chinese student, two Kazakhstan students Aigul Islamjanova and Dinara Bekbauova from School of Public Affairs were members of one of the team naemd ¡°Silk Road team¡±. Since this competition takes place in the context of the One Belt One Road and the main focus is made on the culture of China. They took this competition very seriously and responsibly, and they were spend whole month working very hard and tried to think of every detail of the performance.

The competition consisted from three parts: Personal speech , Team match , Talent show.

In the first round from our team two participants made a speech. Both contestants performed very well. In their speech were the comparison and descriptions of their own country (Kazakhstan and Yemen) and the Chinese culture. Also all stressed the importance of the economic development strategy of OBOR.

In the second round of team competition on knowledge of Chinese culture where asked questions on which it was necessary to answer very quickly. All teams showed excellent knowledge. In this round our team brilliantly demonstrated their knowledge.

In the third part, our team prepared 8 minutes performance with the title ¡°Silk Road Ethos¡±. Our performance has combined the Ancient Silk Road with One Belt One Road. With this performance we revealed the theme of this competition and presented to everyone that the Ancient Silk Way and One Belt One Road plays an important role in the friendship of the nations of different countries. Since our performance was very meaningful the jury very appreciated our work. We took the 2nd place on this round and we were invited to perform again next day for the ceremony of awarding.

Aigul Islamjanova, Dinara Bekbauova

The School of Public Affairs, USTC


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