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PAS performed excellently in the 2017Autumn Sports Meeting
The opening ceremony of the 2017 USTC autumn sports meeting was held on Friday, October 27 in the east campus of USTC.Hundreds of faculty and student athletes from various schools witnessed the opening ceremony, including those from the School of Public Affairs(PAS). Not only Chinese students, but also international students from PAS performed excellently during this two-day event.

After Vice President CHEN Chu sheng¡¯s opening speech on behalf of the presidium and committee of the sports games, as always, different departments demonstrated their introduction parades. PAS attracted the audience¡¯s attention by their unique formation and slogan. Along with the various national costumes of the international students, PAS showed the spirit of combining diversification and uniformity.

During the competition section, CHU Jian xun, deputy dean of PAS, won the first 5 points in the faculty skipping?rope?game, which brought a good start for PAS. Later on, PAS faculty and students achieved remarkable rankings in group skipping?rope, drum bounce ball, female triple jump, 4*400m relay, shot (7.26kg). In addition, PAS also won the first prize in the student group soccer shooting competition due to the great teamwork between Chinese students and international students. Apart from the athletes, PAS support team was also very active in showing their support and providing lots of assistance.

For almost 1-month PAS members prepared intensively and carefully for this sport meeting, which of course did match the expected results. Their efforts did not show in vain, on the contrary, their performance in the sports meeting displayed PAS strong will of hard work and mutual understanding.

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