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International Students'Class Meetings for New Semester Held in PAS
From September 7th to 12th , for the sake of welcoming the new semester and building a sound management system for international students, PAS held class meetings for more than a hundred international students from the class of 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The attendees were SONG Wei, dean of PAS, LI Xiaogang, deputy dean of PAS, CHU Jianxun, deputy dean of PAS, LIU Yinghua, director of the International Affairs Office - PAS, ZHAO Shuliang, PhD candidate of PAS, FU Chen, director assistant of the Students Affairs Office - PAS, class coordinator TONG Dan and FANG Yuan, and the majority of international students. The meetings were hosted by different class coordinators.

First of all, Dean SONG delivered greetings to international students on behalf of PAS. He hoped that students could adapt to study and research work during the new semester, while mastering essential research methodology and statistics skills. He encouraged everyone to contribute to high-level journals. The purpose of the class meetings was not only to foster better communication between the school and students, but also to address any issues they may have in a timely manner, which is important to the school¡¯s daily management and students¡¯ self-development. In addition, Dean SONG suggested international students could improve their Chinese language abilities, learn more about Chinese culture and the ¡°One Belt, One Road¡± initiative, in order to benefit their future studies and promote friendship between their countries and China.

Deputy Dean LI Xiaogang expressed his expectations for international students. He asked them to obey laws and regulations, to follow the USTC motto, to live in a disciplined manner while bravely innovating in their respective fields. In order to make school life more colorful, Deputy Dean LI asked students to actively participate in many of the diverse activities offered by our school and university.

Next, Deputy Dean CHU Jianxun made some suggestions based on his own experience of studying abroad: 1. make a study plan based on a reasonable time arrangement, pay specific attention on academic work; 2. keep in close touch with supervisors and make the most of available library resources; 3. take part in quality seminars and make friends with Chinese students. In addition, he mentioned that the school had prepared name cards for each international student with both an English and Chinese name, which students will use during classes and meetings. These cards will make life more convenient and will also assist in better identifying international students.

All class coordinators introduced their students'portfolios and emphasized university and school regulations, including: leave procedures, lab arrangement, safety notices, curriculum, publishing criteria and graduation time nodes.

During the Q&A section, professors and class coordinators answered questions about compulsory and elective courses, thesis format, requirements for graduation etc. International students appreciated the school providing this chance to better understand school regulations and learn about the latest news developments.

In recent years, the number of international students in PAS has increased rapidly. The school has focused on improving the quality of students, for this reason, PAS has allocated students to small-classes and assigned coordinators - responsible for students'daily management-for each class. This decision reflects the strong will of strengthening international cooperation, a high priority for both USTC and PAS.

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