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Seminar for 'the National Comprehensive Science Center Hefei'
On March 13th, a seminar for 'the National Comprehensive Science Center Hefei' (hereinafter reffered as 'the Center') for related IP and Law services was held. More than 50 experts and scholars attended this seminar,from the School of Public Affairs(PAS),USTC, Law School of Anhui University, DeHeng Law Office Hefei and other units. This was the first specialised seminar for IP and Law services of the center in our country.

Firstly, Professor TANG Dasen, famous law expert and senior partner of DeHeng, pointed out the topic of this seminar, which was the three units(PAS, Law School of Anhui University and DeHeng) working together to exchange ideas about IP and law services of the center.

Hu Zheng'an, Director of DeHeng, greeted everyone then introduced some basic information of DeHeng. DeHeng has developed a broad client base and a service network with branches and professionals in many key cities, both at home and abroad. It has grown to become one of the largest full-service law firms in China, and has founded a practice base with PAS Juris Master Center in 2011.

SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, delivered a speech about issues in the center, such as its contents, orientation, advantages, characteristics, IP management, transfer in S&T achievements and policy suggestions.

GUO Zhiyuan, Dean of Law School of Anhui University, gave an overview of the Law School. He proposed that three units co-build a platform for a cooperative purpose.

HUANG Min, Director of DeHeng IP department, depicted their future planning after the establishment of the center. He hoped all the participants will deepen the collaboration through this opportunity.

In the open disscusion, many experts expressed their views toward the center. They were HU Haiyang, Executive Editor of Science Technology and Law journal, SONG Lan, Vice Director of PAS Juris Master Center, ZHOU Chaosheng, Director of PAS IP Training Base, QIN Jie, Vice Director of PAS Copyright DemonstrationBase, TIAN Yu, Director Assistant of PAS International Affairs Office, XIONG Liyong, Director of USTC S&T Innovation and Regional Development Center, Professor Kathryn Barker from Sultan Qaboos University and some PAS international students representatives.

As a conclusion, PAS, Law School of Anhui University and DeHeng reached a consensus that they can set up a symbiosis based on the center, where the three units have a mutual development in education, S&T research, case study, internships, public welfare and legal affairs.

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