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Wuhu Government Officer CHENG Xiaomin Gave a Lecture at PAS
On 12th December, Mr. CHENG, Office Director of the Informatization Office of Wuhu Municipal Government, gave a lecture titled ¡°Path Study on the Modernization of City Governance System and Governance Capability Based on Big Data¡± for PAS students. SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, LIU Yinghua, Director of the PAS International Affairs Office, TIAN Yu, Teacher of the PAS International Affairs Office, more than 70 international students, and students and teachers from other departments attended the lecture.

As Wuhu is a national informatization construction demonstrator city, Mr. CHENG introduced four major aspects which contributed to its development: benefiting the people, management, big data, and vision. He claimed that benefiting the people is the service foundation and an important target of urban governance, which benefits everyone through the optimization of the organization and management process. Mr. CHENG used accumulation fund extraction as an example to demonstrate the advantages of internet governance.

Mr. CHENG further pointed out that management is vital to the city¡¯s construction. Officers can use real-time dynamic data supervision to execute social management, urban appearance management and safety management, which would protect a city from uncertainties. With the help of grids of social management, managing the house by land, managing the residents by house, and division principles: tasks are performed fairly, management is more convenient and is defined more clearly; as a result, government can maintain social stability. Mr. CHENG also talked about big data, which made it possible to do better decision making. He detailed the development of Wuhu to describe the vision of building a smart city. Mr. CHENG stressed that benefiting the people of Wuhu with information matters most for its demonstrator status in city construction.

Everyone in the audience took part in the discussion section. Students from ¡°One Belt One Road¡± route countries showed lots of interest, mentioning that during the big data era, it is worth learning about Chinese innovative governance. Students communicated with Mr. CHENG on how to apply big data sharing and modernization management. Mr. CHENG answered all the questions patiently. Because of his impressive lecture, all students benefited substantially.

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