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NI Zhibao, Vice-President of LeTang Animation & Technology Co., Ltd., Gave a Lecture at PAS
On 2nd December, Mr. NI Zhibao, Vice-President of LeTang Animation & Technology Co., Ltd. and CEO of Joystar Entertainment, visited PAS and gave a lecture titled ¡°IP (Intellectual property) economy in the Pan Entertainment Era¡±. This lecture contained a number of topics, including: mobile internet, pan entertainment, Moe World, and IP economy.

To start off, Mr. NI introduced the concept of mobile internet and elaborated on its nature by using the launch of the iPhone as an example. Mobile internet sets itself apart from traditional desktop internet mainly because it gives us a virtually unlimited access to the web - anytime, anywhere. Mobile internet is far more than an industrial revolution; it is, indeed, a lifestyle revolution. Mr. Ni shared his thoughts that in its core, mobile internet is both social and entertaining. He listed Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, Kakao, Wechat, mobile QQ, and Weibo as examples. Metcalfe¡¯s Law was quoted to explain the evolution of internet enterprises; and the concept of industrialization was compared with the newer concept of the internet.

Mr. NI explained the notion of pan entertainment, which is both multi-platform and multi-field, and is centered on IP and copyright. Its IP manifests itself in novels, animation, movies, dramas, games, variety shows, music etc. In the pan entertainment industry, IP is at the top of the industrial chain. Popular literary works, animation, movies and TV programs, games, and variety shows are all high quality IP. In order to deepen everyone¡¯s understanding of pan entertainment, Mr. NI presented a further comparison of its pattern between China, USA and Japan. He analyzed the vitality and potential of pan entertainment by illustrating data of IP logic in the movie, drama and mobile game sectors.

Mr NI introduced ¡°Moe World¡± by quoting a hot comment online ¡°The future belongs to the generation after 95s and 00s¡±. Moe World originates from a two-dimensional space which builds onto a three-dimension world. Early ACGN (Animation, Comics, Games, Novels) were designed in a flat plane, we call this virtual world ¡°Moe World¡±, while the 3D world is referred to as the real world. Moe World has characters like free imagination, Junior 2 Disease, tech-geek and idol-geek.

For the purpose of combining methods with practice, Mr. NI detailed pan entertainment using some contemporary issues. As consumer demands are growing with the rapid development of mobile networks, online literature and animation have become the largest sources of IP. Mr. NI further put forward four principles relating to IP: its better with younger audiences; the decreasing importance of word of mouth; higher significance of issue timing; the importance of determining the target audience.

Last but not least, Mr. NI discussed the significance of IP protection and its cooperation model by sharing his working experience. Contemporary IP cooperation has basically adopted the copyright authorization model, however, disagreements and lawsuits sometimes occur due to lack of IP knowledge and inadequacies in China¡¯s IP protection system. Mr. NI hoped teachers and students in PAS would devote more time to IP management and help promote IP development in China.

During the Q&A section, all participants had an active discussion, broadening their understanding of IP through Mr. NI¡¯s novel ideas and specific cases.

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