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Experts of the European Patent Office Visit USTC
On July 12th, Experts of the European Patent Office came to USTC accompanied by leaders of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and Anhui Intellectual ...Details
Doctor Forum on Intellectual Property held in USTC
On April 26, the 4th, Property Doctor Forum was held by USTC and Anhui Province's Intellectual Property and Copyright Bureaus, and organized by the School of Pu ...Details
USTC activities for World Intellectual Property Day
On the morning of April 23, the opening ceremony for the "2012 Intellectual Property Activity Week" was held by USTC and Anhui Province's Intellectual Property ...Details
The first expert report on World Intellectual Property Day
To implement national intellectual property strategy and prepare for the upcoming 12th World Intellectual Property Day, the School of Public Affairs, the Sci ...Details
Special Interview with Director Gotzen in KU Leuven Center for Intellectual Property Rights
I arrived in Brussels intending to conduct an interview with Mr. Frank Gotzen, a famous scholar of IPR in the Kingdom of Belgium. Professor Gotzen is known for ...Details
Award ceremony for national copyright demonstration units
After its appraisal and acceptance oby the National Copyright Administration, Anhui Copyright Education Center has been awarded the title of National Copyright ...Details
Great contribution from a small training base
"Still waters run deep. " It looks like an ordinary school office with an area less than 20 square meters. Three desks with computers are fulll occupied by off ...Details
SPA becomes new home for National Patent Agents Examination Center
Accredited by the State Intellectual Property Office of China, the National Examination Center for Patent Agent Qualification in Anhui Province was recently est ...Details
America Expert Lectures on International Intellectual Property
Bruce J. Harrer, a well-known expert in international intellectual property law and director of the Industry of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, lectured ...Details
Intellectual property workshop held in USTC
The intellectual property workshop for the 12th Five-Year Plan of Anhui Province was held at USTC on September 7. It was sponsored by the Anhui Intellectual Pro ...Details
Professor Wyatt Olson Lectured on Protecting Creativity
Professor Wyatt Olson presented the lecture on Protecting Creativity to the students of summer school on August 3. Professor Olson had been invited by the Scho ...Details
The Opening of USTC Graduate Summer School on Theory and Practice in the Frontiers of IPR
On the morning of July 22, the USTC Graduate Summer School on Theory and Practice in the Frontiers of IPR began. Attending the opening ceremony were Professor T ...Details
USTC successfully held Anhui first International Seminar on Patent Cooperation Treaty
From July 8 to 9, co-sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office of P. R. China, the School of Public A ...Details
Series of Promotion and Discussion on Intellectual Property Projection
To response the spirits of hosting Promotion Intellectual Property Projection sponsored by 25th States Ministries and Commissions, an open ceremony for Intellec ...Details
Patent Engineer License Training Held in Anhui IP Center
On March 22, a license training for patent engineers of Anhui was held in School of Public Affairs of USTC. It was attended by deputy Mr. Liu Dong, director of ...Details
Trademarks and Brands Public Training Held in USTC
On January 26, public training on the subject of trademarks and brands was held in our school in Anhui Province, the first large open public training activity. ...Details
The model base for copyright education in Anhui was established in USTC
The opening ceremony for the model base for copyright education in Anhui province was held at USTC on the morning of 24th, July, attended by Zhang Wuyang, deput ...Details
The Anhui Intellectual Property Training Center Established at USTC
The School of Public Affairs(SPA), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), plans for strategic reform and innovation, developing advanced training ...Details
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