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Inetrnational Course in School of Public Affairs
c001 Chinese Business CultureCourse design and delivery is tailored to the specific needs of students. The course, buil...MoreSong Wei20
c002 Markting in ChinaThis general course in marketing theory and methods discusses the importance of marketing,...MoreSong Wei20
c003 China Social ManagementThis course is specially designed to shape the students into a successful grasp on Chinese...MoreSongwei20
c004 International BusinessInternational Business is the study of the business operations and managerial decision mak...MoreLiu Ting20
c005 Trademark and Brand Management in ChinaThis course offers a structured introduction into the Chinese trademark law and brand mana...MoreSong Xiaoyan20
c006 Resource ManagementThis course is designed to give students an understanding of the way managers achieve effe...More - 20
c007 Chinese Contract LawThis course offers an introduction to Chinese contract law in terms of: basic principles o...MoreHu Guobao20
c008 Decision ScienceDecision science studies the process of decision making in meeting certain objectives unde...MoreFu Yuanguang20
c009 Information Economy Strategy in ChinaThis course is designed to provide an introduction to main features of information economy...MoreLi Yi20
c010 Patent Law and System in ChinaThis course offers an introduction to the patent law and system of the People's Republic o...MoreSong Lan20
c011 Science and Culture in the Chinese TraditionOn completion of the course, students will gain in-depth knowledge of historical and cultu...More - 20
c012 Patent Cooperation Treaty Strategy and ApplicationsA patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state (national government) to an inven...MoreZhang Xuehe20
c013 Operations ManagementThis course deals with the tools and techniques used for the allocation of scarce resource...MoreAhmed Satir20
c014 Supply Chain ManagementManagement of value flow on the supply chain from suppliers to customers is studied. Among...MoreAhmed Satir40
c015 Supply Chain Risk Management This course focuses on the use of available risk management techniques to deal with variou...MoreYasemin Kahyaoglu30
c016 Private international lawPrivate international law deals with foreign-related civil and commercial legal relationsh...MoreQin Jie20
c017 Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development in ChinaThis course is designed to provide an introduction to contemporary Chinese resources and e...MoreNie Jun20
c018 Oral Chinese and Chinese CultureLesson 1 What's your name? Lesson 2 Going to school Lesson 3 Who is he? Lesson 4 Where ...MoreLi Yi40
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