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USTC Legal Education

University of Science and Technology of China is a comprehensive national key university integrated with frontier science, high-tech, law, management and humanities disciplines. It is an educational and scientific research base having strong ability of knowledge innovation and technological innovation.
USTC legal education and research dated back to 1985 in the fields of science and technology law and intellectual property research. Combined with its strong scientific and engineering background and research capabilities, it launched a highly effective teaching and research in the intersection of technology and the law; so far, it has long been the pioneer for the research in the fields of scientific technology law and intellectual property. In recent years, USTC Intellectual Property Research Center has undertaken a number of national research projects separately authorized by the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Justice, and the National Intellectual Property Office.
USTC is built with two scientific Master degree programs, which includes the Civil and Commercial Law and Economic Law, one professional Master degree, which includes Juris Master, one Ph.D. program in management of intellectual property. Also hosts the postdoctoral researchers in management of intellectual property. In the civil law, financial law, securities law, the tobacco monopoly law, economic law, administrative law, international economic law, social security law and other fields, USTC has excellent faculty and made a number of influential academic achievements.
For many years, USTC school of Public Affairs and the law practice departments at all levels among Anhui Province built a number of student practice teaching base. USTC School of Public Affairs has built the sustained and steady relationships of information exchange, personnel training and scientific cooperation with the executive, judiciary, and relevant enterprises. USTC have fostered large quantities of talented person with strong natural science foundation, good knowledge of legal theory and practical ability of a strong high-level legal expertise applied.
USTC Juris Master Education upholds "excellent quality and distinctive features, appropriate scale, reasonable structure," high-quality running school guidelines. The design of the professional education direction, to achieve distinctive features, mainly concentrated in the emerging legal department to form the school own professional competitive advantage; make up the deficiency of traditional legal education. USTC Master of Laws rely on intellectual property law and science and technology law advantages, focusing on intellectual property and technology law training in both directions. Directed against finance and taxation, tobacco monopoly, real estate, information and communication, and social security and social needs of industry and high areas of law, combined with the professional advantages of USTC related to vigorously carry out tax law, securities law, the tobacco monopoly law, real estate law, information communication law, the network law, and the social security law training.
USTC Juris Master Education enhances vigorously overall quality and comprehensive ability of students. USTC Juris Master Center will combine targeted training with the characteristics of judicial examination in the teaching process. For energetic student, according to his interest, in principle, will be conducted professional training for patent attorneys if he has a science and engineering background; or for certified public accountant if he has a liberal arts background. USTC Juris Master Education strive to foster a group of high-quality, complex high-level talent.

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